There is no discomforting feeling like itchiness that does not go away. This is where one has to think of a doctor. Ringworms are not worms as the name suggests but a fungus infection that look like a coin with a color of red or silvery. They can appear anywhere on the body like the scalp, groin, legs and arms. Medically, they are identified as “tinea”, which is not serious and can be treated.

However, it could cause serious damage if untreated considering the fact that it’s highly contagious. Use fda approved ringworm cream before anything.

Who are susceptible to ringworms?

Although it can affect any age group, children are mostly found with this infection. It can be contracted through body contact by sharing personal items such as towels, bedding and hairbrushes. If you also keep pets like dogs and cats that are infected, you are likely to get and suffer from ringworms.

The mould-like fungi can be prevented from spreading in the following way.

  • Avoid touching infected persons.
  • Treat the loved ones who are infected.
  • Take your pets to the vet for checkup frequently.
  • Keep personal effects clean always.
  • Wash sports clothes clean and hands more frequently.
  • Keep your body clean and dry avoid wetness and injuries to be treated effectively.

 How do you treat this?

The doctor will treat the infection according to the seriousness and the type of ringworm. Antifungal ointments, ringworm cream and oral drugs are prescribed over -the-counter. The infection on the skin will heal after two days. However, if the patient does not respond positively he or she gets to go back to the clinic for more examination tests to be done.

It is important to understand this infection because it is common in the society. Especially children, parents to an infected child have to inform the school to ensure they are monitored.