Hair color is trending in with increasing people interested in coloring their hair. The concept of hair color only for people with grey hair has long been changed with hair coloring more popular among all age groups of men and women. Hair coloring always leads to concern over hair damage since some of the harmful chemicals used can cause certain irreparable damages to the hair rendering it dry and frizzy with a large amount of split ends. One such chemical that is used is ammonia, mainly used for opening up the hair cuticle so that the hair color can penetrate inside.

With the aim of preventing hair damage, as well as to tackle these issues, L’Oreal Professionnels have come up with an outstanding product- L’Oreal Professionnel INOA Hair Colour (INOA stands for Innovative NO Ammonia). The job of ammonia is done by mineral oil here which assists in depositing the color onto the strands. The safety of the product is vouched by several users with reduced itchiness, glossy and glistening hair as well as a smooth texture. One session of hair coloring can cost anywhere between Rs 2000- 5000 depending upon the hair length. The only drawback about the product is its high pricing. All-in-all, this is one of the excellent hair color and hair care solution which has exhibited exceptional results.